Sohe District K500,000.00 Funing

Sohe District MP parks another K500,000.00 to NDB

The people Sohe District in Oro Province have a million reasons to celebrate with the funding of another K500,000.00 by its Member and Minister for Commerce and Industry Honorable Henry Amuli.

The K500,000.00 was presented to the Chief Executive Officer of the National Development Bank Mr Johnson Pundari during a ceremony in the presence of Oro Governor Honorable Garry Juffa, Member for Ijivitari Honorable David Arore, people of Sohe District and residents of Popondetta Town.

Minister Amuli said the K500,000.00 funding follows a revised Memorandum of Understanding signed between Sohe District and NDB under the Sohe Distrcit SME Credit Scheme a few months ago. The Minister told the people of Sohe that this funding will continue next year and for the remainder of his term as their member. “Every year Sohe DDA will commit K500,000.00 and that is for you the people of Sohe.” Minister Amuli reaffirmed.

He said for the last couple of years, Sohe DDA has been funding SME programs for every single ward and Local Level Governments from Kira, Kamata, Higaturu and Kokoda, however, they can now access funding under the Sohe District SME Credit Scheme. “Every year you access funding for small SME’s and now Sohe DDA is providing the pathway to migrate you to NDB by accessing more funds under the Sohe District SME Credit Scheme.” Minister Amuli stated.

The K500,000.00 cheque presentation brings the total funding under Sohe District SME Credit Scheme to K1 million which is available with the National Development Bank. Minister Amuli said more than K200,000.00 has already been accessed by SME’s from Sohe and the balance is currently available.

Minister Amuli said as the Minister responsible for SME in the country it was important to take the lead by getting his DDA funding and parking it with NDB for the people of Sohe District to access and making a commitment to fund K500,000.00 every year. He commended Governor Juffa and Member for Ijivitari for also parking K500,000.00 each with NDB bringing the total to K2 million for the people of Oro Province to access under their respective District SME Credit Schemes.

Minister Amuli urged other Members and Ministers to partner with NDB to grow SME in the wards, LLG’s , districts, provinces and country as a whole. He further stated that if we grow SME, we grow the country.

Mr Pundari acknowledged and thanked Minister Amuli for putting money where the mouth is. “We need to support our people to fish for themselves rather than feeding them fish every day and as Minister responsible, you have led the way,” acknowledged Mr Pundari. He further stressed that NDB will work closely with the people of Sohe to ensure they are assisted in accessing the funds to help in their business activities.