Corporate Governance

As a visionary and ambitious State Owned Enterprise, NDB believes that the key to long term success and sustainability is underpinned by having a solid reputation and a strong brand in the banking industry. It sets high standards of accountability, business ethics, transparency and fairness in doing business. It strongly adheres to best practice of good governance to protect the interest of its shareholders, clients, employees, government and the general public.

At the forefront of the Board of Directors effort to think ahead in Corporate Governance are the various working Committees. Taking a proactive and long term view of the Banks Corporate Governance, they ensure strict adherence to the corporate governance principles and compliance in performing their legal obligations and managing of financial reporting operational and regulatory risks.

The NDB’s Corporate Governance Principles are set forth in charters that guide the Committees which then submit reports and feedback to the Board on matters relating to Governance practices in the operating units. Decisions and actions flowing from these discussions reinforce an active and day-to-day advocacy of the financial responsibility, integrity and commitment to service in the bank.