Community Engagement

NDB is the people’s bank and it is our mandate to serve the people of Papua New Guinea. Not just through funding business ventures but also in cash and kind as part of our Corporate Service and Responsibility.

We endeavor to have a positive impact on the lives of our people and NDB renders its support through sponsorships and donations to community groups, sporting bodies, charity organizations, schools, NGO’s, individuals, fundraising activities and even corporate events at all levels of society. To touch the lives of our people and put a smile on the faces of as many Papua New Guineans as we can is why we lend a helping hand.

PNG Red Cross

NDB staff willingly responded to the call by the PNG Red Cross Society to donate much needed blood as the Blood Bank was low on blood bags of all blood types.

Walk against Corruption

NDB has a zero tolerance to acts of bribery and corruption as a whole and every year when Transparency International stages the annual Walk Against Corruption, NDB makes it our business to participate involving spouses and children.

No place for GBV in NDB

As a Corporate Citizen who values and appreciate its female staff, NDB joined the rest of PNG to make a stand and say no to Gender Base Violence (GBV). All staff turned up to work wearing black to mourn for the victims of GBV and show support that there is no place for GBV in NDB.

Chesire Homes

Supporting organizations like Chesire Homes is something NDB has great joy in doing. As a Bank that is owned by the people of Papua New Guinean, this includes those that have some form of disability, NDB is always willing to assist support their course.

Trukai Fun Run

The Trukai Fun Run is staged to support PNG Athletes participate at the SP Games, Commonwealth and even the Olympic Games. NDB supports this event annually by sponsoring NDB Branded T’Shirts to selected schools to participate.